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Installation of New Sprinkler Systems.

Proper design and planning prior to installation of a new system ensures high-quality results. During the design and planning phase, we: 

  • Determine the available water pressure (p.s.i.) and water flow at the site.
  • Assess area to be watered including lawn, shrubbery and flower beds.
  • Determine location and type of water feed, solenoids, piping and system controller/timer.
  • Assess property specific factors such as level/sloped and sunny/shady areas.
  • Design sprinkler system including type and location of sprinkler heads, as well as size and location of zones.

Maintenance and Repair of Existing Sprinkler Systems.

  • Spring season openings.
  • Fall season closings/winterizing.
  • Certified Backflow Device Testing.
  • Diagnose and repair system problems.
  • Repair or replace damaged sprinkler heads.
  • Repair or replace damaged water lines.
  • Repair or replace damaged water valves/solenoids.
  • Repair or replace sprinkler system controller/timer.
  • Repair or replace ground water wells and pumps.